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Time Manager Tool – Translating Intention into Behavior

Productivity Enhancement Training Program

Survey reveals that more than 80% of the time is spent on activities that add no real value. Long hours of work are sometimes encouraged and rewarded as they are synonymous with performance; paradoxically without any measure of productivity. Productivity maybe defined as achievement of goals with optimum use of resources.


TMI believes that productivity and ultimately profitability can only be achieved and sustained by focusing on value-adding activities. But what are these value adding activities?

Any activity that a customer recognizes and is willing to pay for in a product or service can be called a value adding activity. The activity can be qualified as that of value if it transforms the product/ service towards completion, the activity is performed for the first time and is not a rework and customer would pay for it. For organization or any endeavor to be successful it is important for employees or group of people to unitedly reach a common goal. No matter what the ultimate goal or the vision is, the purpose of all organized activity is to create and add value greater than the cost of producing it.

Time is a very critical resource in achieving the goals. The results achieved will majorly depend on the way TIME is spent. In other words, results-oriented time management is an indispensable key to productivity.

So then where is the gap? If the real issue is optimal use of the most critical resource – time, then should not productivity be easy to achieve through value adding activities? It looks like that the real challenge lies somewhere else. Organizations, teams, and individuals all over the world, in any business, struggle with the same problems related to productivity and time: Too many ideas and too little action. Too many projects and activities are launched – and not completed. There is a lack of tools to support the implementation.

While surveys and measurements have been made and new technology and working methods have been introduced to increase productivity, there, very little attention has been paid to the real obstacle of productivity: the inability to implement! TMI’s time concept focuses on achieving results and adding value at all levels of the organisation. It is all about implementation, i.e. translating intention into behaviour. TMI offers individuals and organisations proven methods and Time Manager Tool to define visionary and realistic goals, identify necessary tasks and priorities, and manage time and energy in such a way that the goals are achieved.

However, productivity enhancement processes must start with people. Productivity systems and implementation tools must fit the people – not the other way round. The time and productivity enhancement training programme takes the human factor into consideration. Therefore, they are much more than time management seminars. They are designed to inspire people to achieve better results and get more out of life by using time and talent wisely and effectively. The programmes encourage people to perform at their best by increasing personal effectiveness, inspiring others, channeling stress positively, and taking control.The Time Manager program represents a unique approach to life management – on and off the job.


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